Corporate Sales

Serra Marmi

Serra Marmi has been operating as a specialised supplier to the furniture industry for over 30 years.
We started out with natural materials, and subsequently expanded our range to include marbles and engineered quartz and set up a full-fledged laboratory for the processing of ceramic and glass sheets and cast glass.
The next pages provide a brief overview of our product ranges. Even more important, however, is the highly flexible approach and entrepreneurial spirit that all members of the Serra family bring to their daily work.
This is why our company has always been quick to embrace new developments, materials and processing techniques and has the capability to produce large production runs for the chain retail market as well as unique custom made items for the mid- to high-end designer market.
This is made possible by the strength and passion of a great family. With the entrance of the second generation, the company now counts 6 family members, each at the head of a department: engineering, sales, administration and manufacture, ensuring qualified control over the whole process.

Retail Sales

Serra Marmi

The year 2008 witnessed the inauguration of a large showroom dedicated to retail customers, who are sure to find the best prices on the market and continuous special offers because the manufacturers of our name brands, who are our industrial customers, supply the whole furnishing combination and we complete it with our own-manufactured tops at factory prices to offer a broader selection of colours and sizes.
Our expertise is the result of our year-long, close collaboration with manufacturers, and combines with a sales philosophy that is solely focused on customer satisfaction. We are ready to welcome you, show you our products and provide full information, help you compare quality and prices, and assist you in finding the ideal bathroom furnishing, kitchen furnishing.

This page provides an overview of our research projects based on innovative design concepts and materials for the furnishing industry... continued
New Ideas in Production
Services We Offer
  • Production of Vanity Tops
  • Production of Kitchen Tops
  • Production of Crystal Tops
  • Natural materials
  • Engineered materials
  • Design
  • Bathroom Furnishings
  • Kitchen Furnishings
  • Flooring and Tiling
  • Measuring service
  • Instalment payment plans
  • Table Top Production
  • Ceramic Countertop Production
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